Guadalest Day Tour is one of the most beautiful tours in Alicante.This fortified village perched precariously on a mountain top, is surrounded by some of the highest points in the province of Alicante, the sierra Aixorta, sierra Aitana and Sierra Serrella, with spectacular views of the valley and the blue waters of Guadalest reservoir.

The village of Guadalest dates back over a 1000 years and is steeped in history, from the prison and dungeon built in the 12th century to the old washing house used by the local woman and has just over 200 inhabitants. Guadalest in rich in agriculture, Almonds, carob bean trees, Olives, Lemons & Oranges, it’s main industry is now tourism.

Discovering Valencia will guide you through this unique town visiting its streets, the  micro-gigantic museum, ethnological museum, dolls houses museum, etc. We will visit also  local shops and interesting sites like an olive oil mill, a small bodega, art&craft.

We do not want you to miss out on the local food specialities of the area, so although we can end this unique tour tasting and enjoy the local gastronomy. 

 Product Features

  • Duration: Tailored tour
  • Type of visit: Cultural – Nature- Gastronomic

All of our tours are available year round upon request. If you would like us to customize a private tour of Guadalest Village and the great places to visit around Alicante for you, contact us with your requirements, and we will tailored your  itinerary.


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