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The quest to find the Holy Grail has made its way from the religion to the fictional literature, cinema and even to the video games. The Holy Grail is the cup believed to have been used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. But do you know that officially recognized by Vatican Holy Grail is housed in its own chapel at the Cathedral of Valencia?

Made of oriental agate stone, the Holy Chalice of Valencia is nestled in a transparent reliquary located in the Chapel of the same name within the Cathedral of Valencia. The Chapel of the Holy Chalice in Valencia for more than five last centuries has been a magnet for millions of believers, pilgrims, tourists and travelers from all around the world. The Chapel today is beautifully decorated with a Gothic altarpiece. However, in its origins, its use and decoration was quite different. At some point it was used as the cathedra of theology. This Chapel has been home of the Holy Chalice since 1916, where its current name comes from. The Holy Chalice of Valencia is one of the few that the Vatican officially recognized as the possibly original one. This means it was used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit the Cathedral of Valencia and see the Chapel and the Holy Chalice on your own. During our private visit to the Cathedral of Valencia, we will tell you the story, the facts, the legends and myths about one of the most famous and mysterious Christian relics: the Holy Grail.

Our private Discovering Valencia Guided Tours you can visit the Cathedral of Valencia inside and its Chapel of the Holy Chalice:

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