The quest to find the Holy Grail has made its way from religion to literary fiction and even on to the big screen numerous times. But did you know the real Holy Grail – the cup believed to have been used by Jesus Christ at the last supper – is housed in its own chapel at Valencia Cathedral!

The oriental agate chalice is nestled in a cove in the wall of the chapel, a focal point for prayer and for the people who have used this chapel for theology lectures since the 15th Century. It is the only cup to have been recognised by the Vatican as the potential Holy Grail and so pilgrims, tourists, historians file in to the church to see it for themselves.

The chalice is represented by replica versions of different sizes and styles and used for distributing communion at mass. Communion is itself modelled on the last supper.

During our Private Tours of the cathedral we will tell you about the history of how the chalice came to be housed here and how it has inspired the architecture and grandeur of this part of the building. Experts are determined to establish if this is the Holy Grail and have recently convened in Valencia to assess its providence.

Used in everyday language today, the ‘Holy Grail’ often refers to the one thing you have been searching for, that you have a passion to find. Whether that is to see this religious artefact or to discover something else entirely, Valencia’s accolade as the home of the famous cup draws many people to the city.

The cathedral is also famous as the home for other relics including the mummified arm of St Vincent the Martyr.

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