Sagunto and Sant Joseph Caves

Legend and History of the Mediterranean

The most visited city in the province of Valencia, is known historically for its fierce and tragic resistance to Hannibal’s forces in 220 B.C. This resistance lasted 8 months and in the end, the citizens set fire to the city and all died.

With Discovering Valencia Official Tourist Guides you will guided through the Juderia (the Jewish quarter) which has narrow alleyways with whitewashed houses and lancet arches that connect streets and form an interesting labyrinth for strolling round and imaging the days of old. You will visit The Roman Theatre, declared National Monument in 1986 and one of the most important Roman legacies in all of Spain; and also you will discover  the ruins of the Castle of Sagunto that extends over almost a Kilometres where you will feel the legend and history of the  different civilizations, which have inhabited it: Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians. Given its historic importance, it was declared a National Monument in 1931.

We will continue our amazing and historical tour going deep into the San Jose Caves, a unique subterranean river located in the Vall d´Uixó, a natural cave with an incomparable beauty ,  where we will guide you to  the entrance to the grotto -pretty deteriorated, where you will  imagine cave paintings there, as found in similar caves from 15,000 years ago, we will navigate in boat the more length navigable river in Europe, contemplating  the capricious forms of the rocks that the action of the water has molded during thousands of years, to back down and to advance in the time while you imagine the growth of stalactites and stalagmites, discovering the beautiful landscape that the nature. An impressive tour where you will discover a unique grotto called “the cathedral” who’s vault is more than 10 meters high.

An unforgettable experience!!

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All of our tours are available year round upon request.If you would like us to customize a private tour of Valencia for you, contact us with your requirements, and we will tailored your  itinerary.


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