Jàtiva is 70 Km south of Valencia and is said to be one of the most interesting historic cities of the region known as Comunidad Valenciana. The city was made famous as it was home of one of the influential Borja family, more commonly known as the Borgias.

The Borja family got in less than a century reach the biggest achievement of Christianity, the papal throne, first with Calixto III and later with Alexander VI. Even more, they left behind a large number of cardinals and gave to the history one of the most important saints of the Counter: San Francisco de Borja.

Discovering Valencia Official Tourist Guide will guide you through the same streets that saw the Pope Alexander VI grow, visiting the square where the birthplace of Rodrigo Borgia (Alexander VI) is located and also we will visit the surroundings where he played as a child, we will walk around the old town of Jativa, the old noble houses and palaces, main scenarios where were agreed the power relations of the ruling families, among which were the Borgias and  will discover between the old walls of the Basilica why this family was so important for art in Valencia in general and in Jativa in particular.

We will go up to the  Jativa’s castle of Roman origin which towers above the city. Within this fortification there are vestiges of all of the civilizations that have occupied the hilltop position. The ascension up to the castle is made with an amazing and typical tourist train as bus access is not possible.

We can complete our amazing tour with a lunch in the castle enjoying the mountains and oranges plantation views.

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