Categories of minivans

Below shown pictures of minivans are just for the purpose of establishing the category of vehicle. We are working with different transport Companies in Valencia, Alicante and Castellon always looking for the best service for our customers. These photos are of real vehicles we are offering to our customers and they were provided by our real providers registered Transport Companies. However, please keep in mind that the car you may have for your service could be of different color, engine or decoration as you can see in pictures below.

Example: if you are booking Mercedes Benz V Class minivan, it could be be black, grey or navy color outside, it may have black, grey or white color decoration inside. But always is going to be exact class vehicle you booked and never other different class of Mercedes Benz or other different brand. If you are looking for the vehicle with some specific external or internal color, please indicate us your preferences and we will try to find the appropriate one.


Capacity: 1 driver + 1 guide + 5 or 6 passengers

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