Valencia is a well known place by its traditions and its gastronomy. The city and region offer certain specialties and today we want to talk about the Horchata. The drink is the most popular in Valencia, served with ‘fartons’. Fartons are a like long and thin iced buns. Traditionally they are dunked into the horchata.


Old civilizations such as the Egyptians left samples of this healthy product in their tombs and sarcophagi. Also, diverse Persian and Arab authors already mentioned in their writings the digestive benefits of the chufa (tiger-nut). But it was in the 13th century when the Arabs introduced their crop in the Mediterranean area.Legend says that a young villager from the fertile area of Valencia known as L’Horta offered the King Jaume I a white and sweet drink. The King, very pleased, asked; What is this? and the young woman answered “Its tiger-nut milk. The King, having tasted the drink replied :This is not milk, this is gold , pretty girl . Legend or reality, whether you agree with King James or not, Horchata is a recognized symbol of summer, and a trip to the Valencia would be incomplete without trying at least one glass…

This drink, made from the chufa (or tiger-nut, a typical tuber of the Valencia region) is a refreshing and essential product in the Mediterranean diet thanks to its innumerable and healthy benefits.

Valencia was and continues to be the only area in Europe where chufa is grown. Currently it is farmed in 16 towns around the area known as L’Horta Nord (or the Northern fertile land) which surrounds Valencia.

The Horchata is more than just a refreshing drink

Apart from the thirst-quenching refreshing taste of Horchata, the drink also boasts numerous health properties characteristic of the Mediterranean diet, such as its heart-healthy properties such as reducing cholesterol levels. Horchata is also low in calories and high in nutrition. It’s recommended for all age groups, and even those who are lactose intolerant, and pregnant women (it contains more iron and potassium than a single glass of milk!).


  • It has no cholesterol.
  • It helps to reduce the cholesterol and the triglycerides due to its composition in greasy acids similar to the olive oil.
  • It provides essential amino acids (arginine is important).
  • It possesses a big energy value (ideal for children and sportsmen).
  • It presents excellent digestive properties for its content in soluble fiber, amino acids and starch.
  • It contains iron, zinc, copper and the same quantity of magnesium as the milk of a cow or goat.
  • It is diuretic for its high content in water.
  • It does not contain gluten, lactose not fructose.
  • The horchata without sugar can be drunk by diabetic people.
  • It is ideal for hypertensive people due to its low content in sodium and absence of caffeine.
  • It is advisable for the prevention of the arteriosclerosis and the renal insufficiency.


From Discovering Valencia we want to share with you the original recipe of authentic horchata:


  • 250 g of tiger-nut from Valencia
  • 1 liter of water
  • 100 gr of sugar



Wash the tiger-nuts from Valencia and place them in container with enough water to cover them completely. Keep them in the water for 8 to 12 hours to get their re-hydration. Renew water in the container every 3 or 4 hours.

Crush the tiger-nuts in the blender with a fraction of very cold water (1/2 liter). Sieve and pack the paste obtained in a cloth strainer.

Homogenize the residue of filtration with the remaining water, stir, press and sieve.

Add sugar in this final extract and dissolve it by stirring.

The horchata obtained should be cooled fast to temperatures of about 0ºC degrees. Preserve at temperatures less or equal to 2ºC degrees.

Drink very cold and Buen Provecho!