Project Description

The extraordinary position of Alicante, flanked as it is by mountains and sea, endows the city with a beguiling beauty, and wherever we walk, the city permeates with the essence of the ocean.

Let us guide you through Alicante’s old town, its main monuments like St Nicholas Cathedral, Santa Maria´s Church, beautiful buildings from the beginning of the last century, some of the most emblematic squares in the old quarter of the city and many other interesting places.

We will show you the Alicante’s secret -the neighborhood called el Barrio de Santa Cruz: the most authentic and charming place of Alicante, the only place where you can find the old flavor of the town where we discover its traditional popular culture and decadence, colored houses, white houses, flowered balconies, washed walls, beautiful tags, plants of all kinds, small stairs, shady squares, locals sits on their chair, colorful details appear and disappear in every corner of the neighborhood.The place is simply amazing, full of poetry, charm and authenticity and you will feel that time has stopped. From here we will continue discovering the city now on our way up (on foot) the Mount Benacantil to the Santa Barbara´s Castle from where you will enjoy splendid views of the city and the Mediterranean coast. For anyone who loves history: on one of the sides of the castle, the rocks and part of the mountain seem to make up a face, better known as “la cara del moro ” ( the Moor’s face).

For people who might have problems climbing the stairs or have mobility limited or use wheelchairs: there is an elevator that may take you down from the castle down to Postiguet beach.

We can end our amazing tour discovering this unique city by a Tapas Tasting or Special Alicante rice tasting as Alicante is famous for its rice dishes especially those based on seafood and stocks made from local fish .

Product Features

  • Duration: Tailored tour
  • Type of visit: Cultural – Walking

All of our tours are available year round upon request. If you would like us to customize a private tour of Alicante for you, contact us with your requirements, and we will tailored your itinerary.

COVID-19 safety measures: please don’t forget to bring your surgical or hygienic face mask and antibacterial-antiseptic hand gel. Our guides are always using their own masks and antibacterial-antiseptic hand gel. Please keep in mind we are not providing masks or gel to our customers. Our company was recently certified by Spanish State Secretariat of Tourism as Responsible Tourism Company. This certification means we are strictly following the Guidelines on Measures to Reduce the Spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in the Tourism Sector.

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